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        Shipping Rates:
  1 Calendar . . . . .  $2.00
  2 Calendars. . . . .  $2.75
  3 Calendars. . . . .  $3.50
  4 Calendars. . . . .  $4.25
5-9 Calendars . . . .  $6.50
(same rate applies from 5 to 9)
For quantities over 9, before ordering
please send an Email with the number
of calendars and shipping address to:
A quote for pricing and shipping will
be provided.

    Qty:                   2017 Ordo Calendars
@ $6.00 each:                                  


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International orders - please email for information on availability before placing an order. All APO orders are acceptable.
Calendars are shipped by UPS or US Postal Service. Shipping cost does not include insurance;our responsibility/liability ends when shipments are delivered to the carrier (UPS/USPS). If you want protection against damage or loss in transit, please contact us by email for a quote on the added cost for insurance.

All sales are final; no refunds or exchanges will be made. Payment must be made at the time of order, unless special arrangements are made to authorize invoicing. We reserve the right to accept or decline any order.
Please make sure before you order that you want the "1928 Prayer Book Ordo Calendar" as shown on this website, NOT a missal-based calendar.